new_rar_logo2What is Raising a Reader?

Raising A Reader is a national nonprofit organization offering local agencies an evidence based early literacy and parent engagement program that can improve the reading readiness skills of children birth to age five. Raising A Reader rotates bright red bags filled with award winning books into children’s homes on a weekly basis. Local implementers and parents are trained in interactive “read aloud” techniques that stimulate early brain development. The training helps parents and caregivers engage with their child by sharing a book. Through the program, families are also connected to their local public library. At the culmination of the program, children receive a blue library bag to keep and continue the practice of borrowing books.

Who can take part in RAR?

The Raising A Reader program is available to early childhood professionals and agencies nationwide who sign on to become Affiliates and join our national network. Childcare professionals can apply to the Chatham County Partnership for Children to receive materials and training.

Where can I find the RAR program?

Some local childcare facilities are currently enrolled in the program. Please speak with your child’s program director to see if your childcare facility is enrolled.

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