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“If you care for your own children, you must take an interest in all, for your children must go on living in the world made by all children.”

~Eleanor Roosevelt

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NC Pre-Kindergarten Program

What is the NC Pre-K program?

The NC Pre-K Program is designed to provide at-risk, four-year-old children with an opportunity for quality preschool education. This school day program is designed to provide young children with access to a structured curriculum and preschool experience that will enhance their readiness for school. The Chatham County Partnership for Children supports NC Pre-K classrooms throughout Chatham County in select public schools and in licensed child care centers.

Where does the NC Pre-K program take place?

Children may attend any one of the programs offered throughout the county by our NC Pre-K program partners:

  • In northern Chatham County NC Pre-K classrooms are located in the preschool programs at North Chatham School and Perry Harrison School.
  • In Siler City, NC Pre-K classrooms are located at Siler City Elementary School, Virginia Cross Elementary School, Children First Learning Center, and Telamon Head Start. 
  • Robyn's Nest Creative Learning Center and The Children's Early School also have NC Pre-K classrooms in   their Pittsboro locations.
  • There are also NC Pre-K classrooms at Moncure School, Bennett School, and Silk Hope School.

Who is Eligible for Chatham's NC Pre-K Program?

At-risk is the first priority for enrolling children. At-risk is defined as family income at or below 75% of the State Median Income. 

Other eligible children can be enrolled after all at-risk children have been enrolled.

Eligible children are those with Limited English Proficiency, have a Chronic Health Condition, demonstrate development or educational need based on the results of an approved assessment tool, or who have a parent who is on active military duty or has been seriously injured while on active duty military in the recent past. 

When does the program begin?

  • The NC Pre-K Program operates on the public school calendar.
  • Children will be enrolled on a first come, first served basis and according to space availability at each site.

How do I enroll children?

Applications for enrollment are accepted beginning in January each year. To enroll your child, or to find out more information, please contact:

  • Chatham County Partnership for Children, Marianne Nicholson: 919-542-7449, ext 31
  • Chatham County Schools, Cindy King: 919-663-3610
  • Robyn's Nest Creative Learning Center, Amber Best: 919-542-9977
  • Chatham Child Development Center, April Alexander: 919-663-2221, press 0
  • Children First Learning Center, Jan Lowe or Tania Taylor: 919-742-5680
  • The Children's Early School, Danielle Tyner:919-545-5511
  • Chatham County Head Start, Carolyn Gray: 919-742-5316